C/C++ developer with Python

  • August 10, 2018
  • Country: United States, Tennessee
Job Title:              C/C++ developer with Python

Location:                Memphis, TN

Duration:                6+ Months

Interview Type:       Phone+ Skype

Primary Skills:  Python, C or C++, SQL, XML, JSON,Shell Scripting,
Pandas,MySQL or Postgres or HIVE

Job Description:

A very senior Software Engineer capable of working independently and taking
Expected to be able to take poor quality code written by junior developers
and begin cleaning, refactoring and re-architecting on day 1 with no help or
explanation (original dev no longer available).
This should include creating a robust set of unit tests to ensure
preservation of correct behavior and identification of bugs along the way.
Programming, object oriented design, design patterns, databases, unicode,
regex, unit testing, refactoring, algorithmic analysis, profiling, static
analysis, debugging, linux command line, devops

Required: Python, C or C++, SQL, XML, JSON
Nice to Have: Shell Scripting, XPath, JSON Schema
Libraries: Pandas
Tools: MySQL or Postgres or HIVE Joseph Edla
Reference : C/C++ developer with Python jobs