Salesforce Technical Lead

  • May 11, 2018
  • Country: United States, Arizona
Client Domain : Travel & Hospitality

Minimum Qualifications :

Job Description:

1. Lead the development and code review for the Engage 1.0 project by working with the Architect and following the Salesforce best practices

2. Help developers resolve various technical challenges and raise technical caveats with the architect

3. Develop complex logics for the release user stories and support hotfixes to the production issues

4. Support the continuous integration process w.r.t the development, such as resolving GIT related issues,following branching strategies,working with developers to resolve code scan issues, assisting sandbox and production deployments


1. Strong at algorithms, object oriented programming, and large data volumes solutions

2. Good at writing APEX triggers in a bulkified manner

3. Aware of the differences and considerations within various Web Service approaches

4. Able to implement complex APEX logics by efficiently using Collection classes

5. Able to refactor the existing code and develop re-usable components

6. Experience with Lighting Components & Lightning Design System is add-on

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